What are Common Traits of People Being Authentic?

What I have found about people who are being authentic is that they have done a great deal of inner work to become an authentic person, for themselves and for those around them. They have come to a place of self peace and acceptance of who they are completely, the good bits as well as the bad. Due to this fact they are the most understanding and accepting people you will ever come across. Grounded in their self worth in such a way that doesn’t put others around them down but encourages and uplifts them.

Here are 11 traits I have found to be true in those types of people.

People Being Authentic Don’t Care If People Like Then Or Not

They are very much aware that not everyone is going to like them and they are cool with that. It doesn’t concern them, it doesn’t take them away from their view of themselves or change who they are to try to fit in.

People Being Authentic Don’t Judge People

Authentic people are very open minded about others and although something might not look right on the outside, they know there is always a reason for people to behave the way they do, and meet them at their level with acceptance and compassion especially if they know exactly where they are coming from. 

People Being Authentic Are Generous

Authentic people are always willing to help, or share whatever they know to make things easier for others, without worrying if they are going to do and be better than them, it doesn’t concern them. Genuinely authentic people get satisfaction knowing they have helped and take pride in others successes as if it were their own.

People Being Authentic Treat Everyone with Respect

They don’t care who you are, what you do or what background you come from, they will treat you with dignity and respect always. If you are the CEO of some sort of major company or if you empty the trash of the same organisation. They see everyone as equal and don’t see themselves as better or worse than anyone either.

People Being Authentic Aren’t Concerned With Material Things

This is not to say that authentic people don’t like or appreciate material things. They are very aware that happiness doesn’t come from things around them but from within themselves instead.

There are only so many Rolex watches you can wear, so many cars you can drive at a given time. They have learnt that by being grateful for what they have and where they are is where true happiness lies even without the Rolexes and nice cars. 

People Being Authentic Are Slow to Get Offended

Authentic people have thick skin, they know who they are and who they are not. Their opinion of themselves doesn’t change based on what others have to say about them. In fact they are likely to see the feed back as a clue to where the other person is at in that moment in time and treat them accordingly, with understanding and compassion.

People Being Authentic Are Open Listeners

Genuinely authentic people love to connect with others and are great listeners. They look for ways they are similar to that person so they can relate to them on their level, creating a safe environment for people to be themselves without feeling like they are being judged or looked at as less then.

People Being Authentic Follow Their Gut

Authentic people follow their inner voice, they create their own path and what they know to be best for them. They are comfortable with the decisions they make and take full responsibly for what ever the outcome may be. They don’t follow the crowd, they do what is right for them regardless of whether it is the popular thing to do or not. Standing true to their values and what they know to be right.

People Being Authentic Don’t Seek Attention

Authentic people are comfortable with who they are within themselves. They don’t need a pat on the back or bring attention to themselves for credibility. They have found peace with their imperfections and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are ok just the way they are.

Authentic People Mean What They Say and Say What They Mean

You are never going to find a truly genuine and authentic person promise they are going to do something only to have them go back on their word. You are also never going to find an authentic person say something is great when in fact it’s not. They are more likely to say nothing at all than to say something they honestly don’t mean.

Authentic People Hold Themselves Accountable to Their Actions and Mistakes

Authentic people always keep themselves in check with their emotions and feelings, always working on keeping their mental frame of thinking in a positive light. People being authentic always take responsibility for the decisions they make, and the way they carry themselves. They definitely don’t make excuses when things go pear shaped but look for solutions to fix the situation, learning from the lessons shown to them along the way, so that they can grow and become who they were always meant to be.

Dedicated to your journey of growth and success.

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