Having a Business Mindset – What Successful People Do

Having a business mindset, what does that mean? Is there such a thing? I remember reading somewhere “Living the dream is not a state of life but a state of mind.” I actually believe there is a level of truth to this statement. Many books like “The Secret” and “Think and Grow Rich” talk about this idea. 

Having looked at true stories and documentaries about people who have a business mindset, I was able to discover a few common elements in all the people who have achieved just that.

Here are 11 things I have found.

They Invest in Themselves

Having a business mindset means getting educated. These people are very aware they are their best investment. They are always learning and growing to be the best version of themselves. They know that if they want something better and different in life, they have to be better and different in life.

These people have the greatest courage to face their fears and look at the ugly bits of themselves. They accept themselves just the way they are, so they can build on what they have and move forward. This is easier said than done but these people do it, time and time again. They are aware the reward far out ways the pain so for them, it’s a no brainer. 

They Believe in Themselves and Their Business

Having a business mindset means staying solid in your belief in yourself and your business. People who go after their dream are careful about who they tell, they surround themselves with people who support them, not people who tear them down. They do this so they can stay laser focussed on doing what needs to be done. They stay true to themselves and their dream until they see it through.

They Have a Really Big WHY

Having a business mindset means having a really big why. I have come to realise that the bigger the why, the easier it is to stay on track with what needs to be done to achieve your dreams. It is one of the most important things successful people do.  

Almost all of them say that it is when things get tough and the feeling of wanting to quit creeps in, they focus on the reason why they are doing it in the first place. This gives them the mindset to push through when things get tough and just re-focus.

They Stay True their Beliefs and Values

People having a business mindset stay true to who they are, always striving to be genuine. Not just to themselves but to their business and what it means for them. They become authentic and have a purpose in life that always fuels them to keep moving forward. They know beyond a shadow of a doubt what their values are and make sure they are in line with those.

They Have a Can do Attitude and Approach to Life

These people always keep their emotions and feelings in check to make sure they have a positive attitude. They are very aware their feelings and emotions affect their state and productivity as well as the way they approach people. 

They write down things they are grateful for on a daily bases and when things get tough as they sometimes do, they make a real effort not to see it as a bad thing, but as an opportunity to make room for something bigger and better to come their way.

They Focus on The Journey Not the Destination

People having a business mindset, have the end goal or dream in mind but it isn’t something they focus on. They take small action steps, they do at least one thing everyday to get closer to what it is they want to achieve.

They make the most of all the lessons that come to them while on the journey, appreciating everything along the way. Knowing very well they are changing and growing as a person, so that when they reach their destination, they are more than ready to enjoy every aspect of their life and what is in store for them.

They Never Quit or Give Up

Having a business mindset means never quitting or giving up. Entrepreneurs might slow down, look at things that might not be going too well and make adjustments so they do, but they never completely stop and give up.

If things get too much, they only look at taking the next step, just the next step no further and do their best to get that done, whatever that is. It would also be at this time that they lean on WHY they are doing what they are doing as mentioned previously.

Exercise and Eating Right

This common trait surprised me. What does exercise and eating right have to do with having a business mindset? Funny enough, it gets them feeling good about themselves, it helps them to get into the “Can Do” and “It’s Possible” attitude that is needed to do what has to be done to be successful. It helps remove the cobwebs from the brain so they can think clearly and come up with solutions to problems they may face.

They Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

They are always looking for ways to stretch themselves, to try things that scare them in same way, so they learn to overcome fear. They become very uncomfortable in the comfort zone because they know there is no room for growth, challenge or new experiences in life. Richard Branson is a classic example of this, there is nothing this man won’t try, his brand and its success demonstrates this.

People having a business mindset are always looking for new information and reading about new things, to stretch their view on the world and what is possible for them to achieve, setting new goals to aim and shoot for.

They Have a Very Strong Spiritual Belief

This common trait shocked me. It didn’t matter if it was God, The Universe, The Matrix or what ever else they believed in. They all believed in something and they were diligent in practising their belief every day either with prayer, meditation or just listening to quiet music to get them into that zone of being one with who or what they believe.

I heard some of these successful people say that it is during that time, they get inspiration and super cool ideas about how to do things better and different. They even say it gives them an edge. 

They Set Goals and See Them Through

In the movie “Coach Carter” the coach sets rules and goals for the basket ball team to strive for and achieve. He kept them accountable and when the team were not meeting the goals set, the coach made sure the team got their consequences as a rule of cause and affect. I highly recommend watching this movie.

Very successful people live their lives this way, they set goals and see them through. They even find someone to be accountable too. If for some reason they fall short of their goals they don’t spend time beating themselves up, they just re-set the goal and have another go.

If you are interested to find out more about a community just like this who run an online business with a system, please click on this link which will give you access to a video series, informing you on just how it all works.

Dedicated to your journey of growth and prosperity.

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Jane Camilleri

What are Common Traits of People Being Authentic?

What I have found about people who are being authentic is that they have done a great deal of inner work to become an authentic person, for themselves and for those around them. They have come to a place of self peace and acceptance of who they are completely, the good bits as well as the bad. Due to this fact they are the most understanding and accepting people you will ever come across. Grounded in their self worth in such a way that doesn’t put others around them down but encourages and uplifts them.

Here are 11 traits I have found to be true in those types of people.

People Being Authentic Don’t Care If People Like Then Or Not

They are very much aware that not everyone is going to like them and they are cool with that. It doesn’t concern them, it doesn’t take them away from their view of themselves or change who they are to try to fit in.

People Being Authentic Don’t Judge People

Authentic people are very open minded about others and although something might not look right on the outside, they know there is always a reason for people to behave the way they do, and meet them at their level with acceptance and compassion especially if they know exactly where they are coming from. 

People Being Authentic Are Generous

Authentic people are always willing to help, or share whatever they know to make things easier for others, without worrying if they are going to do and be better than them, it doesn’t concern them. Genuinely authentic people get satisfaction knowing they have helped and take pride in others successes as if it were their own.

People Being Authentic Treat Everyone with Respect

They don’t care who you are, what you do or what background you come from, they will treat you with dignity and respect always. If you are the CEO of some sort of major company or if you empty the trash of the same organisation. They see everyone as equal and don’t see themselves as better or worse than anyone either.

People Being Authentic Aren’t Concerned With Material Things

This is not to say that authentic people don’t like or appreciate material things. They are very aware that happiness doesn’t come from things around them but from within themselves instead.

There are only so many Rolex watches you can wear, so many cars you can drive at a given time. They have learnt that by being grateful for what they have and where they are is where true happiness lies even without the Rolexes and nice cars. 

People Being Authentic Are Slow to Get Offended

Authentic people have thick skin, they know who they are and who they are not. Their opinion of themselves doesn’t change based on what others have to say about them. In fact they are likely to see the feed back as a clue to where the other person is at in that moment in time and treat them accordingly, with understanding and compassion.

People Being Authentic Are Open Listeners

Genuinely authentic people love to connect with others and are great listeners. They look for ways they are similar to that person so they can relate to them on their level, creating a safe environment for people to be themselves without feeling like they are being judged or looked at as less then.

People Being Authentic Follow Their Gut

Authentic people follow their inner voice, they create their own path and what they know to be best for them. They are comfortable with the decisions they make and take full responsibly for what ever the outcome may be. They don’t follow the crowd, they do what is right for them regardless of whether it is the popular thing to do or not. Standing true to their values and what they know to be right.

People Being Authentic Don’t Seek Attention

Authentic people are comfortable with who they are within themselves. They don’t need a pat on the back or bring attention to themselves for credibility. They have found peace with their imperfections and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are ok just the way they are.

Authentic People Mean What They Say and Say What They Mean

You are never going to find a truly genuine and authentic person promise they are going to do something only to have them go back on their word. You are also never going to find an authentic person say something is great when in fact it’s not. They are more likely to say nothing at all than to say something they honestly don’t mean.

Authentic People Hold Themselves Accountable to Their Actions and Mistakes

Authentic people always keep themselves in check with their emotions and feelings, always working on keeping their mental frame of thinking in a positive light. People being authentic always take responsibility for the decisions they make, and the way they carry themselves. They definitely don’t make excuses when things go pear shaped but look for solutions to fix the situation, learning from the lessons shown to them along the way, so that they can grow and become who they were always meant to be.

Dedicated to your journey of growth and success.

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Jane Camilleri

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Why is being Authentic in Business Important

Why Is Being Authentic in Business Important?

Being authentic business is bigger than you might think. People are able to see if you are being real or not in what you write and in what you say face to face. They can tell if what you are offering is something based on your life experience or just a made up story.

So you might ask, what does this have to do with business? my answer to that is, everything. The whole point of being in business is to provide a product or service that is going to add value to your ideal customer. Truly understanding what problem your customer has and being able to offer a solution to their problem.

Being authentic in business allows you to connect with your customers, coming from a place of service, honestly wanting to help people is where it is all at. People are able to relate to what you are offering and feel that you have their best interest at heart. This is what makes the difference between a successful business and a business struggling to make sales. 

Being Authentic in Business Means Being Open

Take Oprah Winfrey for example, I would definitely class her as being authentic in business. She was able to help thousands of people work through their issues of abuse, by being open about the abuse she had experienced in her life. She shared the answers she found to be able to deal with it, with her audience, impacting millions of people in a good way.

Be Vulnerable

Being authentic in business, means being vulnerable. This is easier said than done because it means you need to be comfortable with your own imperfections first, before being open to help and impact others. Being vulnerable is a scary thing to do, because showing your weaknesses in public does bring up all kinds of mind chatter that you need to deal with, reminding you that you’re not good enough or worthy to be of value, much less being able to help anyone. 

Take the time to really know yourself

You will notice people who are being authentic in business take a great deal of time finding out who they are, the good, the bad and the ugly. They especially take a deep look into the bad and ugly parts of themselves. If you have begun the journey of starting your own business, you will find yourself facing a steep learning curve in personal development. 

The length of time it takes to process and get comfortable with who you really are worts and all, depends on your life experiences and your thoughts about those experiences. Not to mention the type of help you find to work through them.

This is where most people stop on their journey to having their own business, because the fear of what they might find within themselves, scares them to the point of stopping all together. I do encourage you to push through, the rewards can and do out way the pain.

Finding Personal Acceptance

People who do find the courage to go through the process of personal growth and development, find themselves in a place of peace and acceptance, of themselves and of others around them including the customers they serve.

This is huge on so many levels because this doesn’t just affect their business but their personal life as well. People being authentic in business have businesses that is in line with their core beliefs and values, something with more meaning and purpose in life. They actually get a great deal of satisfaction knowing their product or service has helped people, making their reward of being a business owner so much more than just financial.

If you are interested to find out about an online business with a system, please click on this link which will give you access to a video series, informing you on just how it all works.

Dedicated to your journey of growth and success.

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Jane Camilleri

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What are the common traits of people being authentic

9 Biggest Fears of Starting a Business

Stressed business woman

Personally, the fears of starting a business would always freak me out and it was something I could never entertain.

However after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad book series, I have always known it was the only way to get a head in life especially if you’ve had some major life set backs. 

The following are a few of my fears of starting a business which have stopped me dead in my tracks.

What if this business isn’t the right fit for me?

1 puzzle piece missing

This question would strike fear to the very core of my being because I never wanted to spend a great deal of time or money starting a business, be a year or 2 in and say to myself, “Oh, I can’t stand doing this, what have I done?”

Being able to work in the business you are looking to start, reduces your fears of starting a business by getting a feel for the industry and the actual business itself.

The advantage of doing that is, you are still earning while you’re learning, giving you the opportunity to pay your bills while exploring your idea. It creates an opportunity for you to see the good and bad things about the business allowing you to make an informed decision looking at all angles. 

If working in the business while you’re leaning is not an option, then I would highly suggest to do the business on the side while holding onto a full time job. This would lower your fears of starting a business because you can still maintain your current lifestyle while working on your business.

Fear of the unknown.

Just the thought of starting a business, any business can be frighting for anyone who has never been in business before. Even more so if no one in your circle of influence has a business of their own to bounce ideas off.

Starting a business just like anything else, offers a whole new level of learning. It is always a good idea to talk to an accountant and a solicitor about starting a business. This would ease up the tension of not knowing. 

Finding out everything you can about the business you are looking to get into will also help.

If your fears of starting a business are still strong after doing all the research you can about the business, then the question has to be asked, are you fearful because you don’t have enough information about the business and the industry it represents?, or are you fearful because it is a completely new thing that you have never done before, but still have a burning desire to start anyway?

If you’re leaning to the second question, I would have to say to, feel the fear and do it anyway. You will begin a personal growth journey which will not always be comfortable and sometimes be in your face, but what you will learn about yourself will be priceless and empowering. 

Fear of Change.

man shining torch in the dark

Change isn’t always welcomed by everyone and can affect people in different ways, even if it is a positive change.

Life is always changing. Wouldn’t it be good to have some control on how and when that change is going to be, what it will be and why?

Maybe your life partner is feeling the fear of change. You might feel the fear of losing them, not being supported or understood.  

Having a strong reason for starting a business in the first place makes a big difference. Standing strong and true, based on the research you have done and the reasons why you believe this is a great move for you and your family, makes explaining the business to your loved ones easier. 

It is always better to have your partner on the same page with you when starting a business. Just like everything else, your business will have it’s ups and downs. So being able to work together to create the life you both wanted is always a great thing. 

If you and your partner are not on the same page, you really need to way up the emotional cost of starting a business and the affect it could have on your relationship. 

Are the fears of starting a business and the change that will come with it, something you are with willing to face together or is one going to be pulling against the other? 

Only you can decide that, it is always best to talk to each other first to find out where the other stands on such a topic. It could save a great deal of time, money and heartache down the track. 

Fear of success.

1 chess piece down, another upright.

This could be related to 2 things I can think of…

1.  Not feeling that you are worthy of being successful or 

2. Feeling that once something good, like some level of success coming into your business and awareness, you fear that for some reason it will be taken away.

These fears of starting a business are based on your up bringing, life experiences and limiting beliefs about money, success, business and self worth. These run much deeper than you might realise and it would be a good idea to take the time to look deeper into that. 

I spent a great deal of time and money going to councillors. Although they did help, my major breakthrough with this was doing the Emotion and Body code with Zazeh Morfittis at atotalapproach.com.au. This is a technique which releases trapped emotions and negative imbalances from the body by using a form of muscle testing. 

I also did the Demartini Method with Sarah Susac at mindcode.com.au. This method helps to challenge the way you think about your past and current life experiences so you have a balanced perception of the event. It truly helps to shift and move past things which would normally have you stuck.

These are just a couple of suggestions that released my fears of starting a business that worked well for me, there are so many options for self development and growth you could try and get amazing results from. Be open minded enough to realise that if you want something different in life, you have be different and change the limiting beliefs you may have. I know I had too. 

What if I am not good enough?

In starting a business, you will be doing new and different things you have never done before which will prompt you to ask yourself this question. Be patient with yourself knowing that if you take things one step at a time, it will be come second nature to you.

However if you are going to play the “What If” game, it’s always best to play the game properly by asking and answering the question on both sides, “what if you are good enough?” 

There is the saying “Anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly until you get it right.” 

The product or service you are looking to provide could help so many people in so many ways, why hold back and stop yourself from moving forward based on this question. You are affectively ripping off the people who could greatly benefit from your product or service.

The richest place in the world is the cemetery. Full of people who had wonderful ideas of how they could help and serve people but never did anything just purely based on this question.

What if I fail?

Chess board with pieces tipped over

This was one of my strongest fears of starting a business especially having 2 little boys to support. I asked a very successful business man how he over come this fear, he said he thought of all the things that could go wrong and come up with a solution for each problem before doing anything. He said he was able to start his business with a level of confidence, feeling as though all his bases were covered. 

His business has been running for well over 30 years now and is very successful. It would be safe to say it worked very well for him to think that way.

In saying this, no one has a crystal ball, and things do happen. This is where the term “Failing Forward” is helpful. With every failure you have, you learn great lessons to build and grow from. The mistake becomes the lesson. Looking at things this way helps to take the sting out of failing, giving you the strength to keep moving forward.

What if I run out of money?

To help reduce this pressure, it is always best to have a full time job and start your business on the side. This way you are able to pay your bills while building your business.

Creating a budget for the expenses of the business, knowing before hand just what those expenses will be, gives you peace of mind and a sense of confidence, especially having planned for them in advance.

Coming from a head space of “how can I be of service?” in stead of “I need money” or “I don’t have enough money” will make the difference to the level of success you will see in your business, especially when you are genuine in wanting to serve people.

Who do I turn to for help?

business people helping each other.

This was a very important question to help me over come my fears of starting a business. Knowing that there is someone or a community I could plug into to get answers to my questions was huge 

It is always a great idea to get around people who are like minded. Find and join groups, forums, business and wealth creation clubs. The business I got into already had a community I could get involved with and to be honest it has made all the difference for me.

From those groups you will find people who are where you want to be. Some may be able to share how they got started and give you ideas about the business you are looking to get into. This alleviated many of my fears of starting a business and gave me the courage to just keep going.

I would definitely not go to anyone who doesn’t have a business, and I sure wouldn’t go to people who are more likely to shut your idea down and discourage you completely. Be picky with who you share your ideas with.

The ultimate fear

Being on my death bed and asking the questions I know I will be asking myself which are, did I live my life fully? and did I give it my all?

This fear makes me want to do something especially if the answer to these questions is no. Being on your death bed taking your last breath would be way too late to do anything.

This is something I really don’t want to feel when I am leaving this world, however in saying that I know not everyone feels the same as I do. This is personal for everyone, so on this final point, I encourage you to follow what feels right for you, and go with that. Life is way too short.

If you are interested to find out about a great online business opportunity with a fantastic support network, please click on this link which will give you access to a video series, informing you on just how it all works.

Dedicated to your journey of prosperity and personal growth.

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Jane Camilleri

6 Differences between E-Commerce (Online Selling) to Traditional Businesses

Credit Card Near Computer

Business has come a long way from the local corner store. With the introduction of the internet, a great deal of opportunity has come with it. From trading shares and currencies, to running a very profitable business online, providing people all over the world with the ease of shopping from the comfort their homes.

Here are a few differences to having an online business which has come to my attention, that I’d like to share with you!!

  • Lower costs to run an online business.
money and calculator

When you compare the cost of running a traditional business to the cost of an online business the differences are huge. 

You don’t have to maintain a shop to keep it presentable for your customers, or change the shop window to entice customers to come into your store. You don’t have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in rent, insurance, water and electrical bills each month. 

In addition, you don’t have to find a place to store your products or hire people with all the expenses that come with that like paying wages, super and WorkCover just to name a few.

  • Opportunity to profit from your online business increases.

Due to the fact that you are saving so much money on costs means that any money you do put into an online business comes back quickly and so do the profits.This creates a level of peace of mind not often found in normal businesses. 

I know a person who owns a very successful traditional business and he often says that he had to mortgage his house to start the business. This is pretty scary, and not many of us could afford such a risk. Online businesses are far less riskier and less likely to cause sleepless nights.

  • Advertising to people who are looking for what you’re offering.
Lots of street advertising

This is a huge advantage. Normal businesses usually advertise on signs, radio, TV and  local newspapers. Marketing their business to as many people as possible to attract a sale, this sounds good in theory, however wouldn’t your advertising be more effective if you marketed to people who are actually looking for what you are offering? How much more likely are they to pay attention to your ad and later purchase from you? 

By advertising online to people searching for what they want on Google and other similar search engines, creates the possibility of your ad being seen by these people, and your chance of getting sales will increase. 

  • Shopping made easier saving time for your customer. 

We are all living such busy lives compared to the generations before us, we are always looking for quicker and easier ways to do our normal every day tasks. Take for example, how stores like Coles and Woollies, have modernised their service to meet this demand by providing online and home delivery options. This would not have been possible without these companies utilising the power of the internet creating the opportunity for customers to place orders online. 

Fast food giants such as KFC and Macca’s who were amongst the first to change fast food via drive through service and have now jumped on the bandwagon of offering customers home delivery via an app.

  • Open 24-7 for the customer.
Lady shopping on phone

In comparison to how shopfront businesses operate with the normal opening hours, online businesses have taken the common trading hours of 9 to 5 and completely smashed them. Creating the opportunity for people to buy what they want, when they want, from wherever they want it. This is great not just for the consumer but for the business owner as well, because the business owner can run their business with just a laptop and an internet connection.

  • Selling on a global scale. 

Your opportunities are endless. Marketing on a global scale which is now possible via the world-wide web, means you can reach into every household that has an internet connection. Doing away with the difficult things needed to set up an international business in other countries, dealing with the laws, rules and regulations attached to those countries. 

This also means that your business could be making sales while you sleep. Making sales while the owner sleeps was not a concept taught in commerce class at school but is a very real possibility in todays world.