Having a Business Mindset – What Successful People Do

Having a business mindset, what does that mean? Is there such a thing? I remember reading somewhere “Living the dream is not a state of life but a state of mind.” I actually believe there is a level of truth to this statement. Many books like “The Secret” and “Think and Grow Rich” talk about this idea. 

Having looked at true stories and documentaries about people who have a business mindset, I was able to discover a few common elements in all the people who have achieved just that.

Here are 11 things I have found.

They Invest in Themselves

Having a business mindset means getting educated. These people are very aware they are their best investment. They are always learning and growing to be the best version of themselves. They know that if they want something better and different in life, they have to be better and different in life.

These people have the greatest courage to face their fears and look at the ugly bits of themselves. They accept themselves just the way they are, so they can build on what they have and move forward. This is easier said than done but these people do it, time and time again. They are aware the reward far out ways the pain so for them, it’s a no brainer. 

They Believe in Themselves and Their Business

Having a business mindset means staying solid in your belief in yourself and your business. People who go after their dream are careful about who they tell, they surround themselves with people who support them, not people who tear them down. They do this so they can stay laser focussed on doing what needs to be done. They stay true to themselves and their dream until they see it through.

They Have a Really Big WHY

Having a business mindset means having a really big why. I have come to realise that the bigger the why, the easier it is to stay on track with what needs to be done to achieve your dreams. It is one of the most important things successful people do.  

Almost all of them say that it is when things get tough and the feeling of wanting to quit creeps in, they focus on the reason why they are doing it in the first place. This gives them the mindset to push through when things get tough and just re-focus.

They Stay True their Beliefs and Values

People having a business mindset stay true to who they are, always striving to be genuine. Not just to themselves but to their business and what it means for them. They become authentic and have a purpose in life that always fuels them to keep moving forward. They know beyond a shadow of a doubt what their values are and make sure they are in line with those.

They Have a Can do Attitude and Approach to Life

These people always keep their emotions and feelings in check to make sure they have a positive attitude. They are very aware their feelings and emotions affect their state and productivity as well as the way they approach people. 

They write down things they are grateful for on a daily bases and when things get tough as they sometimes do, they make a real effort not to see it as a bad thing, but as an opportunity to make room for something bigger and better to come their way.

They Focus on The Journey Not the Destination

People having a business mindset, have the end goal or dream in mind but it isn’t something they focus on. They take small action steps, they do at least one thing everyday to get closer to what it is they want to achieve.

They make the most of all the lessons that come to them while on the journey, appreciating everything along the way. Knowing very well they are changing and growing as a person, so that when they reach their destination, they are more than ready to enjoy every aspect of their life and what is in store for them.

They Never Quit or Give Up

Having a business mindset means never quitting or giving up. Entrepreneurs might slow down, look at things that might not be going too well and make adjustments so they do, but they never completely stop and give up.

If things get too much, they only look at taking the next step, just the next step no further and do their best to get that done, whatever that is. It would also be at this time that they lean on WHY they are doing what they are doing as mentioned previously.

Exercise and Eating Right

This common trait surprised me. What does exercise and eating right have to do with having a business mindset? Funny enough, it gets them feeling good about themselves, it helps them to get into the “Can Do” and “It’s Possible” attitude that is needed to do what has to be done to be successful. It helps remove the cobwebs from the brain so they can think clearly and come up with solutions to problems they may face.

They Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

They are always looking for ways to stretch themselves, to try things that scare them in same way, so they learn to overcome fear. They become very uncomfortable in the comfort zone because they know there is no room for growth, challenge or new experiences in life. Richard Branson is a classic example of this, there is nothing this man won’t try, his brand and its success demonstrates this.

People having a business mindset are always looking for new information and reading about new things, to stretch their view on the world and what is possible for them to achieve, setting new goals to aim and shoot for.

They Have a Very Strong Spiritual Belief

This common trait shocked me. It didn’t matter if it was God, The Universe, The Matrix or what ever else they believed in. They all believed in something and they were diligent in practising their belief every day either with prayer, meditation or just listening to quiet music to get them into that zone of being one with who or what they believe.

I heard some of these successful people say that it is during that time, they get inspiration and super cool ideas about how to do things better and different. They even say it gives them an edge. 

They Set Goals and See Them Through

In the movie “Coach Carter” the coach sets rules and goals for the basket ball team to strive for and achieve. He kept them accountable and when the team were not meeting the goals set, the coach made sure the team got their consequences as a rule of cause and affect. I highly recommend watching this movie.

Very successful people live their lives this way, they set goals and see them through. They even find someone to be accountable too. If for some reason they fall short of their goals they don’t spend time beating themselves up, they just re-set the goal and have another go.

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Dedicated to your journey of growth and prosperity.

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Jane Camilleri